About us

Vast long-term experience in the provision of legal services, as well as the focus on the rights and interests of our clients are characteristics that Tin Matić & Partners Law Firm has boasted since the start of its operation.

As one of a few companies specialised in commercial and international commercial law, arbitration and copyright law, we can proudly state that we have helped a large number of companies throughout Croatia and beyond, as well as to European Union member states, in the protection of their rights and interests and enabled them to operate in an easier and straightforward manner.

The dynamics of business environment and successful tackling of problems on a daily basis have made our approach to provision of legal services both modern and progressive, while striving to provide the services for our clients at the highest professional level.

Long-term client relationships based on trust, mutuality and the highest standards of legal ethics make Tin Matić & Partners Law Firm a unique and innovative law firm on the Croatian market. Continuous learning and further professional development, as well as efforts to acquire new, modern models of provision of legal services make our law firm the right choice as an intermediary between the clients and the problems faced by them.

A law firm entirely committed to its clients.