Odvjetnik (Attorney) journal

After 22 years of active editorial work in “Odvjetnik” (Attorney), the journal of the Croatian Bar Association, the attorney Tin Matić, Ph.D., held the last meeting of the editorial board as the Editor-in-Chief, on the 21st February 2019. Josip Šurjak, President of the Croatian Bar Association, thanked him on behalf of all the members for his committed long-term work on the journal. “I would like to thank you on my own behalf and on behalf of the entire institution for your committed work over a large number of years”, stated the President of the Croatian Bar Association.

Arno Vičić, the former President of the Croatian Bar Association, spoke on behalf of the editorial board: “I remember best the way it used to be and I can say that the Association has never had a better Editor-in-Chief of Odvjetnik journal. No one has worked so conscientiously and no one has so successfully managed to raise the journal to another level”.

Tin Matić thanked all the associates that he was co-operating with for years.

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