COVID – 19

Notification of a declared pandemic of a viral disease (COVID – 19)

Concerning the currently enforced precautions intended to prevent coronavirus contagion, we would like to provide some important information concerning our operations, accessibility of our services both for existing and potential clients, as well as on the implemented health measures.

We would primarily like to point out that we are actively following the latest coronavirus developments and we are undertaking all the measures in order to prevent the contagion of the virus, to protect our employees and especially you, our valued clients. Since we consider the protection of your rights and interests of utmost importance for us, we have decided to provide the opportunity to submit requests concerning legal issues online. We are striving to provide legal services in accordance with the highest standards of professional ethics as promptly as possible. We are aware that exceptional situations result in unexpected problems, primarily in business, most frequently from the legal aspect. Since the judiciary and the courts are not immune to the coronavirus pandemic, most courts are closed to the public until further notice, unless in exceptional cases.

If you would like to know whether your legal issue or ongoing dispute is considered as a previously mentioned exceptional case or if you have any questions concerning the protection of your rights and interests, you will receive an answer as soon as possible.

We would hereby like to kindly ask you to fill in the form provided below and specify your question, to which you will be provided an answer or a piece of advice on the manner in which we would be able to help you as soon as possible.

In addition, you can contact us via the following telephone numbers 00 385 99 218 2304 or 00 385 98 231 683.

We are there for you in the most challenging moments,

Yours truly,

Tin Matić & Partners Law Firm